Using only the purest ingredients, Sacred Ground’s skilled artisan bakers spend nights kneading and nurturing dough – from the basics of water and flour through to gorgeously baked pastries and loaves of bread.

Techniques passed down through the ages are combined with time and lots of patience to produce heart-warming, freshly baked breads that leave your body and soul wonderfully satisfied.

Bread at Sacred Ground isn’t simply about the mixing of elements, it’s a celebration of the collaborative nature of baking. We understand perfectly that the baker is simply a part of the process, guiding but never controlling. In the magical collision of flour, water and salt, we stand back and wait – in awe – for the oven door to open, revealing wondrous golden brown goodness.

Preparation for baking starts at midnight with the day’s first batches ready for breakfast at 7AM; a time when you absolutely have to be at Sacred Ground.