Paired with exclusive chocolate truffles or a scrumptious slice of gluten free cake – Sacred Ground’s baristas extract deliciously dark flavours from Bean There‚Äôs single-origin range – leaving no doubt whatsoever; Sacred Ground is where it all comes together.

While early definitions of single-origin were all about the power of one (one type of bean from one area of one farm – roasted one way), modern definitions vary in the degree of exclusivity that single-origin must meet in order to carry the flag.
Bean There is a Cape Town based roastery that is committed to selecting the best coffee – and therefore single origin coffees are the selection of choice. Their focus on single origin coffee removes the luxury of blending a variety of beans to create a well-rounded cup of coffee – making it essential that only the highest quality coffee available is obtained in order to satisfy the requirements of an amazing coffee bean.
Similarly, Bean There’s goal is to allow the coffee drinker the opportunity to know a country through its coffee.
We hope that you enjoy their fine grounds as much as we do.