Offering a carefully considered selection of products, Sacred Ground’s deli offers only the best goods that reflect our respect for the production processes, origins and heritages of the wines, preserves, meats and coffees that are on offer. Most ingredients used in our dishes can be found on our deli shelves, and our chefs are more than happy to advise on how to combine our products.

Our deli isn’t simply for shopping! Take a seat and experience a wicked selection of gourmet sandwiches and a range of platters – effortlessly whipped up by our chefs using truly inspired combinations of items available on our shelves. Sacred Ground is a special place where people can come to appreciate carefully selected ranges of goods, and at the same time rediscover the simple enjoyment to be had from freshly made, pure foods.

Accompanied by a rich, dark cup of Bean There coffee, any occasion at Sacred Ground is always a deeply enjoyable feast for the senses, and a blank canvas for a memorable experience.


Whether you’re planning a dinner party, bridal shower, wedding or simply celebrating a day in the country, Sacred Ground has something for you. Our catering service provides delectable treats that come in all shapes and forms – from decadent gluten free bakes to savoury platters and snack boxes overflowing with earthy delights.

Contact us to explore ways in which we can make your celebration so much more than you may have imagined it could be.